Lay it down

hqdefaultDark memories of a long ago past. Snap shots of violence and dark spaces. All would be better fortotten. Tears and fear they follow me. I was so young, where was the love?

Thirty years down the road and I am still haunted. There are rooms in my memory I am terrified to enter. The emotional wounds keep bleeding open.

Heavenly father, please guide me through the uncertainty.
Show me what is it
you want me to know.
They will be done.

Then speeding by my minds eye
Like old movie clips.
The once living nightmares,
I had hidden so deep.

True to his promises our savior whent before me. He made the cooked path straight. As a loving father he watched over me, never leaving nor forsaking me.

When the tears stoped and I rembered to take a breath. In the stillness came five simple words ‘Lay it at my feet’.

Lay down all the fear, pain and tears.
Lay down all the shame, anger and betrayal.

Replace the lies with the truth.

Pick up
peace, forgiveness and hope.
Pick up
Grace, courage and love.

At the cross

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